At Cube Fit, we take an integrated, holistic approach to personal training and coaching. Learn about the massive difference in achieving your goals between simply exercising verses having a training program.

Our professional trainers focus on quality form, proper progression and sufficient recovery. We’ll assist you building a solid foundation, prepare you for higher intensity work, and help you maximize your results outside of the studio with holistic lifestyle coaching.

Our coaching will break myths, share the secrets to reaching your ideal body weight and help you change your perspective on fitness. Training sessions available on-site in our private personal training gym in camden.

Your complimentary comprehensive assessment gives us the ability to design a training program specifically for you. Whether you have never worked out before or looking to fine-tune your training program, our assessment is perfect the place to start. We assess everything from your postural alignment, to your strength, range of motion, gait, and holistic lifestyle habits. Compiling your health history and understanding your key lifestyle habits will help us in assisting you with reaching your goals to feel better, look better and live a healthy vibrant life!

Alternatively, if one on one coaching is not your thing why not try our exclusive classes! From mixed martial arts to guided group meditation classes, down at Cube Fit we aim to cater for your personal preference. Come down and experience the 3 dimensional difference!

Personal Training

Coming Very Soon. Launches 2017.

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Personal Classes

Full Timetable coming soon. Watch this space.

cube fit, london, camden, gym, personal training, personal classes, health, fitness